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Billing Physician Inc!

Billing Physician Inc. is a full service medical billing service that helps healthcare providers lower the costs and increase revenues.

We understand each clinic's needs and help to achieve the goals. Maintaining and increasing a clinic's profit is our top priority.


We understand the importance of accuracy in medical billing and hold ourselves to a high standard. We know our healthcare providers expect us to reduce denied claims and increase revenue. We achieve that goal by analyzing and learning from each claim


We take pride in our team’s experience. With our years in medical coding and billing as well as our background in IT, we take the work out of billing so healthcare providers can focus on their patients.


We proactively stay up-to-date with monthly, quarterly, and yearly changes in coding and billing guidelines both from federal and commercial insurance. We respond to public health emergencies and immediately address new guidelines with healthcare providers


1608 Lemoine Ave, Suite 203A, Fort Lee NJ

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